Don’t interrupt, I’ve warned you…

Don’t interrupt, I’ve warned you…

KOS-MOSカスタム (by popoelf)

KOS-MOSカスタム (by popoelf)


That’s right, I’ve hit 400 followers, so it’s time to GIVE SHIT AWAY. 

Many people may remember my horrible time getting my Super Sonico Nendoroid (shipped 3 times in total) but once she arrived I never opened her.  And since I barely have room for the nendoroids I own + have on order, I thought, Hey, why not give her away to a loving home. \


Like all my giveaways, make sure to read and follow the rules and steps. 

1. Like & Reblog this post 

2. Be following me (cause it is a bigger prize I’d like to give it away to a follower not just a random giveaway bandwagoner)

3. Send me an ask (or fanmail) that includes the following:  

- That you’re entering for the 400 follower giveaway

- Your favorite type of pie. 

Example: “Hello! Here is my answer for the 400: Cherry.” 

No ask means no entry

I only enter people who send an ask with their fav pie onto the spread sheet I will use to pick the winner. 

I will ship INTERNATIONALLY. so don’t let that stop you. Though I will be picking THE CHEAPEST SHIPPING EVER cause I am not entirely made of money. 

GIVEAWAY ENDS: December 23rd, 2013.  Winner will be messaged (please don’t change your username) and given until the 30th to respond. (so please, if you know you’ll be out of contact for holidays or whatever, let me know in your ask and I will make a note for if you win)


布団さん擬人(?)化 (by lolipopligo)

布団さん擬人(?)化 (by lolipopligo)

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